Tight connections. Delayed flights. Slow Wi-Fi. But for us, without a doubt, the most frustrating part of the process is airport security. Is it that challenging to remember to remove your shoes? And since you know it’s coming, why not select an easy to remove, slip-on slip-off pair? And the people who just chance it with leaving change in your pocket?! Come on. It’s metal. It’s going through a metal detector.

Here are some quick and easy tips! (Trust us, we once took eight, yes eight, iPads through security; and didn’t hold up the line at all!)


  • Remove your shoes
  • Take out your laptop
  • Empty your pockets - even the lint, no need to chance it
  • Condense your belongings into as few bins as possible, no need to hold up the line on both ends
  • Take out your liquids, and be sure they are in a plastic bag that is the approved size
  • If you haven’t flown recently, determine if any of the requirements have changed so you are prepared
  • Be patient


  • Leave things in your pockets, especially if they are metal
  • Take up the entire lane
  • Take a screwdriver longer than seven inches or a snow globe - trust us, we don’t make the rules

The rules change if you are over 75 or under 12, and if you have TSA Pre✓®. But always be polite, no matter your age or frequent flyer status.

HEAD’S UP! If you would like to fly in 2018, make sure you visit the DMV and get yourself a Real ID. Chances are you don’t already have one, and you’re going to need one! For most states, this takes effect January 2018. Check out these frequently asked questions on Real IDs to figure out your next steps here:

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