As an event management team, when asked what we do, there’s one response that tends to repeat itself more than others: “so, you plan weddings?”

There are several different focus areas within the event planning industry, each with its own set of challenges, perks, goals, pros, cons, clients, destinations, emotions, etc. Most of these can be divided into one of two categories: personal and corporate.

If you think of weddings, birthdays or anniversaries when you hear “event planning” you’re thinking of the personal side. For corporate event planning, think incentive trips, conferences and tradeshows (to name just a few). 

The skinny on corporate planning vs. wedding planning:

  • Emotions. Weddings have a lot of them. A LOT. Happy, stressed, nervous, overwhelmed, excited, nostalgic, scared, hopeful… you name it. Someone is feeling it on wedding day or at some point during the planning process. Corporate, not so much. Sure, emotions do occasionally get involved, after all, people are passionate about their work too. However, emotions come into play on a much smaller scale in comparison.
  • Clients. In an ideal world, as a wedding planner, you wouldn’t have repeat clients. You hope they have truly found “the one” and won’t ever need your assistance planning their wedding again. However, with corporate planning, you have the opportunity to build a strong relationship by working on several different events.
  • Time. This one varies quite a bit. Associations plan meetings years in advance, as in, locking in venues up to five years out. Corporate events vary depending on goals but can range from a few weeks to a few months to a year. Weddings, however, are really dependent on the bride and groom and how long they want an engagement to be. After all, brides begin the planning process for their big day long before they ever meet the groom!
  • Destinations. Generally speaking, corporate events feature a wider range of destinations and more expansive travel options. Wedding planning mostly happens in-house at destination resorts where, like corporate events, the planning team is responsible for pulling all the pieces together. Most resorts that feature weddings as an option have a designated planner to assist the bride and groom.

With the wide range of event types, the door is open for an equally wide range of planners. The unique differences and overlaps with each path allows planners to create and maintain areas of expertise, do what they love, experiment with different types and ultimately become experts in the specific route of planning they prefer.

Thinking of diving into the planning world? Let us know which path you’re drawn to!