It’s not me, it’s you! But how do you express that politely when it comes to breaking up with a hotel?

Every hotel knows that when a company or person goes out to bid it is a competitive process with multiple bidders. So when you and your client find the PERFECT hotel, what happens to all the others?

First, of course, you award the business to the winner and begin the additional contract negotiations - check back on a blog post about that next month! But, for the runner-up properties, it’s time to break the news. (Note: Don’t do this until a contract is firmed up with the winning property. You never know!)

What is the best way to do this? Try using the signature “bad news Oreo.” A little compliment, followed by we didn’t pick you and here’s why, followed by another compliment. See below for a prime example.


Thanks so much for showing us your property and putting together a detailed proposal. We had a very constructive call with the client today, resulting in a decision.

Client name has eliminated your hotel because of reason (i.e. dates, rate too high, location, lack of meeting space, outdated guestrooms, etc.). The team did like your property and it could be a good fit for future programs.

It’s been wonderful working with you and we look forward to future opportunities.

Stay in touch,


If you’ve built a strong relationship with your sales contact, then a phone call delivering the news is the right protocol. Hotels appreciate honesty, and constructive feedback. These breakups are never personal, just the nature of doing business!