A large portion of all successful business is relationships. Repeat clients and repeat partners. Savviness in human relations can take a business much further than technical skills alone. Forming a mutually beneficial relationship is key, and in this month’s blog post, we are going to outline a few things we’ve learned when it comes to business relationships.

  • Give sincere appreciation. Don’t say “thank you” just to say it. Almost everyone can sense when something isn’t genuine, and it could have a negative impact.
  • Make sure goals are met, but have fun. Let people know you understand they have other things going on in their life, and that you value those things as well.
  • Ask for advice. You never know the stash of information or tips someone has. We learn daily that people are happy to give advice or recommendations. For example, someone at the front desk may know a great pizza joint, or a perfect client gift. Ask! People love to help, especially if asked nicely.
  • Execution is easier (and more fun) when the whole team is working together. If you feel everyone isn’t working toward the same goal, it’s better to just have an open discussion about it rather than let frustration grow. More often than not, it is a simple miscommunication, because people enjoy feeling like a part of a team and working toward something together.
  • When you’ve created a meaningful relationship with a business contact, the opportunities for growth are endless. You are now more likely to receive genuine feedback (which will help you grow) and positive references (which will also help your business grow)!

Treat every person with respect, no matter how small your interaction may seem. Kindness and respect will always be pillars of leaving a positive lasting impression.

Is there a business relationship that has changed your life? What did you do to build that relationship? We want to hear from you!