As we discussed last month in our “Building Relationships” post, giving a sincere “thank you” is always a great way to strengthen relationships across the board. It’s well-known that one way to show appreciation is with thoughtful gifts, but what makes a gift stand out? How do you narrow it down to something that will show genuine appreciation?

You and your client have been working tirelessly through the planning phase of your event and now it's show time. On-site arrival is an excellent time to drop some gratitude. You are a team after all, right? Time to show you care about one another and a thoughtful gift can work wonders for morale.

Opt for something personalized. That doesn’t necessarily mean customize with their initials, but take some time, think about what you know about that person and how something might help them or bring them joy. Do they collect coffee mugs? Shop around for a mug that’s special to the area you’re holding your event. Do you know from previous experience they like to take notes while on-site at an event? Order a custom notebook ahead of time for that perfect arrival gift. Did they mention how much they liked a certain wine while at dinner at a past event? When it comes to selecting meaningful gifts, being observant pays off.

First time working with a new client? Local gifts are a wonderful place to start. These gifts can be local to where your company is based or even local to your event destination. It shows you thought ahead and researched what is unique to an area. Plus, who doesn’t love supporting local businesses? Take some tips from last month’s blog and form a strong relationship with your new local business contact and you never know where it could take you!

Third Avenue Events is based in Kansas City. Here are a few of our favorite local stops for client gifts.

Do you have a secret to finding the perfect gift? What about a favorite local business? We would love to hear from you in the comments!