When searching for an event management partner, you may notice three letters listed after team members’ names: CMP. What does CMP mean and what does it signify? Why should members of your event team have this certification?

You aren’t alone in wondering these things. We’re here to help.

The letters CMP stand for Certified Meeting Professional. The certification program was launched in 1985 to promote the status and credibility of the meeting profession, enhance knowledge and performance of meeting professionals and create uniform standards of practice within the industry. The qualifications for certification are based on professional experience, education and a rigorous exam.

The exam alone is categorized into five domain areas, 49 tasks, and 230 knowledge topics. The five domain areas include: strategic event planning process, financial and contract management, facilities and services, logistics, and programs.

Both of the founders of Third Avenue Events hold CMP certifications. So, what are the benefits?

  • Our team speaks hotel and venue language. Have you ever been confused by the acronyms and phrases a hotel team uses? That’s normal; they aren’t common knowledge. The beauty is, the Third Avenue team knows them all.
  • Holding this certification shows that we have taken the time to ingrain ourselves in the industry and commit to a standard. We value the consistency that these standards bring to the planning industry.
  • The CMP certification signifies that we are true planning professionals, not just a couple people who can book a hotel or order lunch. We understand that events are just one piece of a much larger training/engagement/marketing/sales process that must work together to meet objectives and measure success.

CMPs are required to renew their certification every five years. That means your event management partners are continually learning and staying on top of the standards of the industry.

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