When organizing an event there seems to be an endless to-do list that you must complete before the big day. Whether it be hotel reservations, flights, scheduling, or the guest list, there are so many things that must be planned. One of the most important (and stressful) aspects is planning for effective and efficient transportation, because we all know, an event cannot happen if the guests are not there!

Here are a few tips we have for organizing transportation for an event:

Motor coaches vs. smaller vehicles. Although this might not seem like a big deal, vehicle size can make a world of a difference in maneuvering around a city, especially a traffic-jammed one like New York. Smaller vehicles typically can get around a city easier and in a timely manner compared to larger vehicles. This is an important thing to remember if you plan to run a shuttle between locations since smaller equipment can make faster trips. Before deciding on what size vehicle works best for you, ask local transportation experts for suggestions based on group size and needs.

Traffic. We all know how bumper-to-bumper traffic can damper a good day, but it can truly ruin a scheduled event. Therefore, when planning transportation, you must always take the city’s traffic situation into consideration. This is vital for all transfers but especially for airport transfers and transfers to events and meetings.

Jeff Baumunk of VIP Executive Services said that transportation in a traffic infested city like New York is manageable if the client is well aware that everything needs to be scheduled with more time in mind to accommodate for traffic and parking.

Local transportation experts deal with the traffic situation everyday so rely on them to provide timing suggestions.

Who to hire? There are two approaches you can take when hiring a transportation company. You can work with a nationwide partner or a local resource, both options have their benefits. A nationwide partner provides you with the trust factor since you are working with a consistent partner that is used throughout the country. The biggest benefit of building relationships with nationwide partners is that one-stop-shop convenience because those partners have existing relationships with the local resources and equipment providers – the best of both worlds!

A local resource has the advantage of knowing the ins and outs of the city, the traffic as mentioned above, and unique logistical challenges to both well-known and smaller venues.

Bottom line, build strong relationships with your transportation partners and you will make the right hire every time!

Communication. Communication is a vital tool in almost every circumstance, but we cannot stress enough how important good communication is when it comes to transportation. It is critical with all cities but for big cities it is paramount for smooth operations. Communication ensures that the event team and the transportation company are on the same page. There are some things that we just cannot control such as last-minute changes with manifests, overall schedules, and pick-up/drop-off locations. Consistent and clear communication allows us to effectively navigate unforeseen challenges so make sure you have a plan in place for any unexpected delays or changes with your transportation provider. Communication can help you circumvent those dreaded situations you fear when planning for your event.

Hopefully these tips help make your transportation planning a little less stressful. Have a helpful tip that we didn’t include? Drop it in a comment below and we’ll share it throughout our channels!