Best Time to Book Holiday Travel

The end of summer is fast approaching which means, if you are any major box retailer, it is time for Halloween of course. Well if it is time for Halloween, that means Thanksgiving is basically next week followed up quickly by Christmas. Are you planning on traveling for the holidays? If so, here are some tips to make sure you are booking in time and finding the best price out there. 

·      Best Month to Book: Lucky you, because September looks to be one of the best times of the year to book a flight. Sites like Skycanner have done the research for us to find the best time to book travel in the US. They state that prices are 4% less in August, September and December. 

·      Best Day of the Week: There are many theories available regarding the best day of the week to book travel. Some experts say Tuesdays, but others are confident that Saturday is your best bet. Whatever you do, stay away from Monday booking, just don’t do it! 

·       Best Time of the Day: Not only is there a best month and day of the week, there are studies done by that show 6:00 AM is the best time of the day to book your flight. The early bird gets the worm, AND the best priced flights.

·       When to Book (Days in Advance): (We’d trust them because they have the word cheap in their name), has a 2018 study that showed that the prime window to book is 121 to 21 days in advance of your trip. Why waste your time checking the rates daily, let technology do it for you. On Google Flights, you can set it to track prices on varying flights for an upcoming trip. Or use Skyscanner to send you alerts when prices go down. We don’t know about you, but we don’t have the time to get online to check flight prices daily, let’s save some sanity and use these online tools available for free! 

·       Days of the Week to Fly: The day before Thanksgiving will always be one of the highest priced (and busiest) days to fly. Why not save the money and hassle and fly one day earlier? You can save time and money. Multiple sites tell us that Tuesdays are the cheapest days of the week to fly. Take a little extra time off work, (you deserve it), and fly out on that Tuesday and soak in all you can of the holidays because it will be New Years before we know it. 

Bottom line, if you are planning to go out of town this holiday season, the time to book your flights is now! Don’t want to do all the work? Use tools like Google Flights and Skyscanner to help you track the best prices for your upcoming trip. Don’t forget to use your airline credit cards to cash in on those extra miles or special promotions. Bring on the turkey, pies and candy canes. We are packed and ready!