Creating an Event with a Short Timeline  

THE CHALLENGE: A potential client has been trying to decide whether or not they need outside help to plan an event that is on the horizon. When it is further out, the more manageable it seems to be. The closer it gets, the more they may realize they do in-fact need help from a professional. The event is now less than six weeks away, and there is a lot to get accomplished.

THE SOLUTION: We’ll let you in on a secret that is actually not-so-secret in the planning world – checklists and timelines work wonders. The first step is always sitting back and establishing what all needs to be accomplished before event day, and working backwards sometimes is the best way to do this. The Third Avenue team collaborates to come up with an event to-do list, ensuring no detail is omitted. From there, priorities are identified and deadlines are set. This process happens every time, no matter how much planning time is given. Do we need to fit these to-do’s in a six-month or six-week window – whatever the case, we make it happen.

THE THIRD AVENUE DIFFERENCE: Working quickly and effectively is a Third Avenue Events staple. Think about why you hire professionals in any given situation – it’s typically because they are the industry experts, they can get it done faster and the end product is better. Event planning is no different. Being able to create flawless events, no matter how much lead time is afforded, is what makes a professional, well, a professional. Third Avenue Events applies the same premium standards to every event, no matter the planning timeline, number of attendees, budget, etc. Our team will always deliver the very best possible event, with the most memorable attendee experience (while staying in the defined parameters).