Active Lifestyle Press Event with Mazda

THE GOAL: Reach out to a community of people, one that values adventure and creating memories, and showcase how each Mazda vehicle has a special way of aiding in those values.

THE ATTENDEES: Journalists, bloggers and influencers with a focus on active/family lifestyles for their national audiences.  

THE EVENT: The Third Avenue Events team concentrated on creating an experience that showcased the active lifestyle that Mazda was thinking of when designing their vehicles and messaging. Every detail was considered. From the location, to the hotel, to the activities, we sought to design a completely immersive event that illustrated the messaging Mazda had prepared, through experiences. Careful consideration was given to every aspect, including menu selections, amenity options and the snacks that were in each room. As a result, Mazda’s guests enjoyed a few days in Bluffton, South Carolina filled with Southern hospitality at the gorgeous Montage Palmetto Bluff. Activities included biking, kayaking, a scenic drive to Hilton Head Island and so much more.  

THE REACTION: Find out reactions from attendees by checking the #ExploreMazda hashtag across social media platforms, or by searching keywords “Mazda” and “Montage Palmetto Bluff.”

THE THIRD AVENUE DIFFERENCE: When you partner with us, we become an extension of your team. We learn your brand inside and out, we create customized experiences that seamlessly achieve the goals you have for your event. There are no templates. Our team brings our creativity to the planning table with a clean slate, ready to hear what you would like to achieve with your brand and then thoughtfully maps out a fully-detailed experience that will make it happen.