Teaching a Small Business How to Navigate Their First Trade Show

THE CHALLENGE: RFP365 was a small business tackling planning and attending their first trade show. They 'didn't know what they didn't know,’ and were completely overwhelmed with where to start. They wanted professional event planning help but did not think they could afford it, until Third Avenue. 

THE SOLUTION: After a thoughtful discussion on needs and budget, both teams agreed that the most efficient and effective option was for Third Avenue to walk through the trade show planning process and educate RFP365 along the way. Input and expertise was offered on a wide range of topics leading up to the show. Everything from booth design, flight booking, cleaning, electrical needs, to television rentals was discussed. The Third Avenue team also provided reasoning behind each decision, ensuring the RFP365 team felt confident for the upcoming trade show, and any future trade shows.


“We just got home from our first trade show, and it was AWESOME. Everything went beautifully, we made great connections, and were met with lots of enthusiasm. Everyone resonated with the messaging, loved the booth and swag, and most importantly, we felt so incredibly prepared. The packing list, event guide, expertise, and tips, were all so incredibly helpful. We had everything we needed, shipping to the next show was a breeze, and everything went off without a hitch. We could not have gotten here without you, thank you so much for your tireless efforts!”
– Anna Spady, Marketing Manager – RFP365  

THE THIRD AVENUE DIFFERENCE: Third Avenue Events does not use a one-size-fits-all template. We understand and respect that each company has a unique set of needs and varying budgets. If your team needs to be “taught how to fish” so you be self-sufficient in events throughout the year, Third Avenue is here to serve as your consultants. We approach each project or client with the same open mind, ready to help in whatever form is necessary.  

Follow this link to read RFP365’s blog post “HR Tech Trade Show Traveling: How to Pack Like a Pro” where you’ll find some of our favorite tips.