Protests and Fatal Shooting Near Event Site

THE CHALLENGE: While in San Francisco for a program, there was a police officer-involved shooting that resulted in a fatality and shortly thereafter, the San Francisco Police Chief resigned.  Later that day, all off-duty police officers were called to report for duty and riot gear was issued to the entire force in preparation for protests that would ensue.

THE ATTENDEES: 12 couples from around the country were flown to San Francisco for their loyalty to our client’s brand. These couples were dining in various restaurants throughout the city and one was less than a mile from the shooting location. 

THE SOLUTION: Third Avenue Events had access to up-to-date and real time information about the shooting and protests through the transportation partner, who had contacts in the community with the local police. Through those contacts, Third Avenue was equipped to supply necessary updates to all staff and client team members throughout the day. Ultimately Third Avenue made the decision to rebook the couple whose dining location was within a mile of the shooting.

THE REACTION: Proactive and transparent communication, a staple of the Third Avenue Events model, proved to be the best way to navigate the situation. Staff and client teams remained calm and informed thanks to the Third Avenue team’s approach. All guests enjoyed their dinners and were safely transported from point A to point B and back to A again; unaware of the elevated pulse of the city.

THE THIRD AVENUE DIFFERENCE: Third Avenue Events operates with a proactive mindset at all times. Always a step ahead, our team identified the potential problems arising from the events of the day and worked closely with our partners to identify a solution prior to alerting the larger staff and client teams. With this step, extra chaos and “what if” situations were avoided. When working with a team of forward-thinking and transparent communicators like Third Avenue Events, the entire attendee-facing team is equipped with all necessary details to ensure unified information is transferred across teams and to attendees as needed.