Continuously Evolving the Attendee Experience    

THE CHALLENGE: We have found through our years of experience that many of our clients produce a similar invitee list for events throughout the year. The constant battle of creating a different experience is expected from the same event, and we believe that’s the way it should be. The formats of events can vary from incentive trips, to fundraising galas, to hosted press programs, but the goal is the same across every event: continuously evolve and elevate the attendee experience, always leaving a fresh, lasting impression.

THE SOLUTION: Part of creating all-new experiences is staying up-to-date on what is available and focusing on being ahead of the industry trends. Our team accomplishes this by fostering hospitality industry contacts. Key partners regularly provide updates on upcoming projects, openings, renovations, etc. and those updates may not be widely known.

Another element to offering a new experience at each event is taking a standard element of a program and pushing it to the next level. We accomplish this “out of box” thinking by taking time to research and discover new and innovative cultural aspects of an event location during the proposal, planning and site-visit stages. Is there a snack that is special to the area to incorporate local flare? What about a designer that’s based in the surrounding neighborhood or community? What makes the area special and how can you incorporate that in an impactful way? Our team delves into these questions and more for every event.

THE THIRD AVENUE DIFFERENCE: Taking the attendee experience a step further and a step higher is our unending goal. The Third Avenue team continuously works to uncover new and exciting ways to enhance the overall experience at your event. No matter the format, or previous accomplishments, we always push to the next level by staying ahead of the competition. We are your team of industry experts, and you can rest assured that we come equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and ideas – from hotels to corporate gifts, and everything in between – that make your events stand out from the rest.