Creating an Immersive Event That Indirectly Relates to the Client

THE CHALLENGE: An automotive client had an upcoming press event that required us to provide automotive journalists with an immersive experience that wasn’t specifically automotive-related. We were tasked with finding an event location and a keynote speaker. However, our client didn’t want the event to be exclusively about the automotive industry since the goal of the event was to show how their vehicle integrates into and enhances everyday life. 

THE SOLUTION: Like all events we work on, we began with a discussion about the objectives and goals behind the event. This helps us ensure everything we suggest or plan for an event is driving desired outcomes  . We appreciate that events have deeper meanings and can help advance much larger overall messaging for a brand. 

In this situation, we were working with a group of journalists as the attendees. The client wanted to provide a plethora of content for these reporters to return home and write about. Everything from scenic roads, historic sites, and activities specific to the region they were visiting, were planned to showcase how the vehicle enhances experiences in everyday life. 

One of the main parts to planning the event was finding the perfect hotel. Our research allowed us to discover a boutique hotel called,  The Press Hotel in Portland, Maine. The hotel was originally the publishing building for the Portland Press Herald, Maine’s largest newspaper. When the attendees arrived at the hotel they were greeted by front desk agents using typewriters for check-in. In every room there were pencils and quotes from famous journalists used as decoration. In the lobby, there were typewriters and iPads available for use to encourage writing. The hallways of the hotel were lined with typeset letter printed carpet, the walls were covered with wallpaper made of pressed newspapers, and all hotel signage was written in typeset lettering. 

When it came time to select a speaker, we collaborated with the client to identify some options that directly related to the journalists. Since they were staying in a hotel with a press-driven backstory, we suggested a member of the state’s historical society to speak about the city and the very building where they were staying. This speaker was able to tie historical details to current times and provide unique insight into an industry relevant to every journalist.

Due to thorough discussions with the client and time dedicated to research, we were able to execute a successful event that provided the immersive experience we were tasked to plan.

THE THIRD AVENUE DIFFERENCE: Our team thoroughly enjoys working with our clients to create immersive events. There are plenty of unique ways to bring brand messaging to an event. We pride ourselves on the fact that we essentially become part of your team. We learn the messaging you would like to communicate, and we brainstorm from your point of view with our expertise to bring original ideas to the table. Through clear lines of communication, we work with you and our partners to select the right elements for your event, whether that be décor, speakers, food, entertainment, etc.