Whether you are in the early stages of event planning, or the event is quickly approaching, Third Avenue Events is the perfect addition to your team. Whether you have planners in-house or operate at the leanest levels possible, we have the expertise to be a valuable partner before, during, and after your event. 
Think of us as an extension of your team. Let us dive deep into the logistical & tactical event details or just bring us onsite to execute a perfectly orchestrated plan. Either way, we will bring our experience to reduce your task list from 1,000 items to those that are integral to the event goals.

Ensure your attendees receive a world-class and unforgettable experience.

Reinforce your brand’s core values and messages at every touch point and in every detail to ensure your event leaves a lasting impression.

Bring your vision to life and keep your company’s reputation traveling in the right direction – before, during and after the event.  


Whether it’s 10 people or 1,000, Third Avenue Events makes your meeting feel personal, connected and streamlined. Our team handles it all for you… 

  • Hotel management and negotiations
  • Food and beverage
  • Attendee and speaker management
  • Transportation logistics
  • Production and audio/visual needs
  • Signage
  • Onsite staffing

…so you and your team can focus on your presentations, your message and your attendees.


The booth. The staff. The leads. The snacks. The swag. The technology. The set up and the tear down. So. Many. Details. Third Avenue Events has it covered.  We’ll orchestrate your...

  • Booth logistics – space, layout, design, rentals and utilities
  • Promotional items – we’ll research what your crowd would like, order it and deliver it accordingly
  • Show marketing plan – pre-show communications, sponsorships, lead retrievals and post-show follow up
  • Booth staffing and management – booking flights, making hotel reservations, staffing schedules and event registration

…so you and your team can concentrate on the show, your booth traffic and valuable time with clients and prospects.     

Incentive programs

Spotlight your team’s success with events that put the emphasis on the company’s achievements – without added stress on you. We’ll lead the …

  • Hotel management and negotiations
  • Food and beverage
  • Attendee logistics
  • Transportation logistics
  • Activities and amenities
  • Signage
  • VIP/executive concierge services
  • Onsite staffing

…so you can celebrate your team’s performance.

Onsite staffing

We know companies can’t always spare team members for the 24-7 nature of events. If you need an extra body…or five…or 10, say so. We’ve got it! Third Avenue Events has an extensive group to tap into if your organization needs a little boost, ratio-wise, during your event.

What else?

Don’t see what you need? Let’s chat.